Be fed up with

Be fed up with

(УК) Бути ситим по горло с

(РУ) Быть сытым по горло с


-I am fed up with listening to you complaining all the time!.

-She was fed up with her ex-boyfriend’s lies so she left him.


End up doing something

End up doing something

(УК) Коли ви починаєте щось робити, і ви закінчуєте з чимось, що ви не планували

(РУ) Когда вы начинаете что-то делать, и вы заканчиваете с чем-то, что вы не планировали


— I went to the supermarket to buy bread and I ended up filling the cart.

— I met my friends on Friday to have a glass of beer and have fun, well, we ended up in jail for a trouble we caused being drunk


Don’t drink much guys ))))) have a nice weekend )))))))

Pick something up

Pick something up

(УК) Підхоплювати, Заїхати за.

(РУ) Подхватывать, Заехать за.


— Good day, I have come to pick my watch up, is it ready?.

— Don’t pick food on the street.

Make up my/your/her…. mind

Make up my/your/her…. mind

Synonyms: Decide


(УК) Приймати рішення

(РУ) Принимать решение


-Have you made up your mind which dress you are buying?

-They have not made up their mind to go or not yet.

I’m not following you

I’m not following you

(УК)  Використовуйте це, якщо ви не розумієте інструкції, вказівки чи пояснення

(РУ)  Используйте это, если вы не понимаете инструкции, указания или объяснения


— … turn left, then left again, go straight the go right …

+ Sorry, I am not following you, can you repeat that?

The most used verb with preposition For

The most used verb with preposition For

The most used verb with preposition For

  • Account for
  • Admire (someone) for (something)
  • Apologize to (someone) for (doing something)
  • Apply for (a job/scholarship)
  • Arrange for (someone) (to do something)
  • Arrest (someone) for (something)
  • Ask (someone) for (something)
  • Be angry at/with (someone) for (something)
  • Be annoyed at/with (someone) for (something)
  • Be famous for
  • Be grateful to (someone) for (something)
  • Be hard for
  • Be known for (something)
  • Be prepared for
  • Be responsible for
  • Be thankful for
  • Beg for
  • Blame (someone) for (something)
  • Care for (someone)
  • Charge (someone) for (something)
  • Congratulate (someone) for/on ([doing] something)
  • Exchange (something) for (something)
  • Excuse (someone) for (something)
  • Fight for
  • Grieve for
  • Hope for (noun)
  • Long for
  • Mistake (someone/ something) for (someone/ something)
  • Plans for
  • Praise (someone) for (something)
  • Prepare for
  • Punish (someone) for (something)
  • Scold (someone) for ([doing] something)
  • Search for
  • Stand for
  • Substitute (something) for (something)
  • Thank (someone) for (something)
  • Vote for
  • Wait for
  • Yearn for


Verbs and preposition OF

Verbs and preposition OF

The most used verb with preposition OF

Accuse (someone) of (something)

Approve of

Be afraid of

Be aware of

Be capable of

Be composed of

Be envious of

Be fond of

Be frightened of

Be guilty of

Be innocent of

Be jealous of

Be made of

Be proud of

Be scared of

Be terrified of

Be tired of

Benefits of

Consist of

Convict (someone) of (something)

Cure (someone) of (something)

Disapprove of

Dream about/of

Episode of

Get rid of

Hear of

Remind (someone) of (something)

Importance of

Lack of

Make copies of

Opposite of

Results of

Success of

Study of  (plants)

Suspect (someone) of (something)

Take advantage of (someone/ something/ situation)

Take care of

Think of

Topic of

Type of

It slipped my mind

It slipped my mind

(УК) вилетіла з голови

(РУ) вылетела из головы


-It was Alena’s birthday yesterday, it slipped my mind and I have not called.

— Have you brought something to drink? – O No, sorry, it slipped my mind.

Drop a line

Drop a line

(УК) Надішліть листа чи електронну пошту комусь

(РУ) Отправить письмо или адрес электронной почты


— Would you please drop a line when you arrive.

— Tomorrow is Sam’s birthday, let’s drop a line.